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Offer a creative space for women and cultural empowerment in Amsterdam

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Empower women in theatre! THEREDBOX Projects search to obtain a creative space for women and cultural empowerment in Amsterdam. Sign this petition to endorse Carmen Toledo's initiative, uniting artists from diverse backgrounds in community. Your voice matters! Please, join us in making it happen!



Artists, allies, culture enthusiasts: everyone championing creative spaces and artists' work.


establish that:

  • the lack of spaces for women in the performing arts limits our ability to grow as artists and positively impact the community.
  • according to the International Theatre Council (ITC), only 33% of the creative people behind theatre are women.
  • this figure highlights the urgent need not only to promote more opportunities for women in the cultural sector, but also to provide the necessary resources, such as a venue.
  • a space is needed not only for rehearsing and performing theatrical plays but also as a hub that sparks community involvement through art, workshops, literature, recreation, diversity initiatives, to foster the growth of professional artists and new talents; a creative haven in its broadest and most inclusive sense.


and request

an accessible space in Amsterdam to sustain our endeavors in advancing women's empowerment across history.

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Haven't you signed the petition yet? If you have seen our projects and are interested, and/or if you simply believe that the creation of a cultural centre has more value than a souvenir or candy shop, then we ask you to support us in this initiative. We need your support to submit our application to Gemeente Amsterdam.

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